Essays submitted to RECOGNIZE must follow these no harm guidelines for consideration for publication. Please read through the details, as some aspects may be more familiar to writers (e.g. racism) than others (e.g. ableism).

The purpose of these guidelines is primarily to assure readers that the essays will be approachable to each of them, regardless of their beliefs or background.

Race / Ethnicity / Skin Color

  • Submissions may not degrade any racial or ethnic group or use related ethnic or racial slurs.
  • Submissions should not promote stereotypes of racial or ethnic groups.
  • Submissions should not describe race, ethnicity, or skin color in undesirable terms.

Religion / Culture

  • Submissions should not include negative mentions of any religion or belief system.
  • Submissions should not contain overt religious messages. (Submissions containing religious references or themes are welcome so long as they doesn’t appear to pass judgment on others.)
  • Submissions should not be centered on a religion or culture unless the author has a personal connection to that culture.

Gender / Orientation

  • Submissions should not degrade any gender group or use related slurs, including if intended as humor.
  • Submissions should not promote stereotypes of gender groups.
  • Submissions should not make any negative or harmful mention of LGBTQIA+ issues, LGBTQIA+ rights, or members of the LGBTQIA+ community.


  • Submissions should not contain disrespectful, mocking, or stigmatic treatment of physical or mental disabilities.
  • Submissions should not casually use ableist terms referring to physical or mental ability (e.g. crazy, lame, etc.)
  • Submissions should not contain jokes about body size.


  • If your story includes terms or themes that would otherwise violate these guidelines, but it is done with responsible intention in a way that enhances the anthology theme or adds artistic or social value, please note that in your submission.
  • We welcome your continued feedback on these guidelines. Please contact us if you have questions or feedback.